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Marketing data is scattered all over the place

What if you could spend less time on collecting or scrubbing data and more time on finding insights that matter the most?

As per Gartner's 2020 Marketing report, on average marketers spend 25-50% of their week pulling & mapping data than getting into real insights for business decisions.  This is a huge waste of time

Crazy data. Crazy expensive tools. Crazy time trying to figure out what the ROI is of the target campaigns?

Money can be better spent elsewhere! You know that you are spending thousands on different marketing tools, but is it still enough to prove the ROI?

Keeping track of all your marketing data is a nightmare. As digital transformation becomes a reality today, marketers have a lot to do to be efficient and productive

Today, more than ever before, marketers are subject to an increasing number of tools, platforms and initiatives to gather, analyze & optimize data  and deliver results. And that’s only the beginning

Resorting to tedious spreadsheet and manual work to pull the marketing data is a waste of time and prone to error. Manual data gathering is unnecessary in the 21st century

Automate this repetitive, mind-numbing task to save time for better marketing. No one likes to manually extract marketing data from different sources, especially if you are working in marketing or PR

Mapeo Intelligent Data Platform

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Connect & Collect

Collect any metrics & dimension from all of your relevant data sources like your performance marketing data from Facebook Ads, Google Ads etc in few clicks. Mapeo integrates with a majority of marketing apps what you use. Simple and clean data.


Construct & Analyze

No-Code & Automate

Push & Visualize

Once you have your data from the data sources, then let Mapeo easily clean, organize and make the marketing data business ready. Review what's working & what needs optimization.


We understand todays business dynamics. We put your data where you need it. Whether you're looking to create impressive dashboards in a data visualization tool like Google Studio, Domo, Tableau, Power BI etc or do some serious number crunching in excel/google spreadsheet, or move your marketing data into a data warehouse/lake like Snowflake etc, we have you covered.


No IT help or engineering required for data normalization. With Mapeo IDP, automate cross channel data normalization. No more wasting time renaming and matching different dimensions and metrics across all your marketing platforms. Auto-schedule data transfer & generate marketing reports.


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